4 comments on ““نفرت و تصب کی آکاس بیل”

  1. یہ جاہل وڈیرے ھمیشہ مہاجروں کے خون سے اپنے پیاس بجھاتے رہے ہیں ۔اس لیے مہاجروں کو اب فیصلہ کرنا ہو گا کہ کا تعصبی مائیند سیٹ کو اپنا خون پلانا ھے یا اپنی نسلوں کو ایک اچھا مستقبل دینا ہے

  2. Good Article Sohail Bhai , just keep in mind Sir Shah Nawaz Bhutto was himself a British agent and got the title of Sir , his son Z.A.Bhotto was first appointed as a a civil martial law administrator and then later become President , The question is Bhotto was part of Ayub khan Government and was holding as government servent positions, by law nobody is allowed to contest election for 2 years if he serve as government servent , then how Z.A.Bhotto was allowed to contest election before 2 year legal binding period completion ?. It means Bhutto was allowed to contest with a given agenda of the establishment to break the country, as stated in Cabnet missions plan of 1946 that subcontinent of India will be divided in 3 parts which are A- India, B – Pakistan , C- Bengal , today Bangladesh . It is a historical written script of 1946 . What happened with Bhutto at the end because he betrayed his lords as Henery Kissinger has said in his book

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